Care­free drin­king straight from the bottle — without any
unwanted ‘visi­tors’ in your drink


No more mixing up of the beverage bottles at the garden party — thanks to the many diffe­rent colors and prints available


BILLY the Clip® simply fits onto every regular beverage bottle: made for glass, PET, with or without thread — always ready to use

The Outdoors

Enjoy the nature — with BILLY the Clip®, make the most of your excur­sions without being pest­ered by wasps or other insects getting into the bottle.

Ideal for picnics — the beach — in the nature.

Outside is at home

finally being able to enjoy the warm season: worry-free, thanks to the prac­tical protec­tion provided by BILLY the Clip®.

For use in the garden – on your terrace and balcony.

Fun & Protec­tion for children

With the auto­matic BILLY the Clip® , wasps are
locked out in a fun way — so that
BILLY the Clip® protects children from dange­rous being stung in the throat/pharynx area!

Fun with friends

The plea­sure of invi­ting loved ones to spend a wonderful timetogether.

For barbe­cues — drinks on the terrace — enter­tai­ning on the balcony.

Rich in variety

Say it through the lid! 

A variety of print motifs convey good news to your counterpart.


BILLY the Clip® is available in diffe­rent colors — so you can always spot
your drink at the bois­te­rous barbecue party, the elegant garden party or the
cheerful drinks party outdoors.

Drin­king comfort

Enjoy your drink straight from the bottle:

BILLY the Clip is desi­gned so that…

  • … the lid opens auto­ma­ti­cally when you tilt the bottle — and closes automatically
    when the bottle is upright again
  • … the lid opens so far as to not inter­fere with drinking
  • … and the clamp does not come into contact with the lips

Let the others do the work for once

Why do ever­y­thing yourself? Enjoy your drink care­free from the bottle — BILLY the Clip® is your butler and effi­ci­ently takes over the opening and closing of your bottle.

BILLY the Clip® does not fit bottles with a swing top